4 Week Crypto Mastermind By Mr Chris Farrell – Insider Honest Review

Reviewed By Member Simon Newcombe

I would like to start by saying hello and to thank you for check out my 4 week crypto mastermind review today! Sure hope you like it and would love to see you inside the group soon…

Simon Newcombe here,

As a member and am always very active within the 4 week crypto mastermind Facebook group.

I have known Chris Farrell for many years, and have also been in many of Chris’s past courses and programs.

Chris is just an out right gentleman and naturally a really nice bloke. He has always helped me within his training and we have had many chats over the years…

Chris has even inspired me to write a book on my life and personal struggles.. Anyhow, off topic there, let’s get into the 4 week crypto mastermind review, as that what your here reading for…

It actually works out to be a 6 week training course, as Chris covers so much there really wasn’t enough time to cover it all within the 4 weeks.

So, here what’s inside of the 4 week crypto mastermind…

First, we have a few video’s on pre-training. This is where Chris gives you the brake down on what crypto really is and about. As well as setting up the accounts you need to be using once you get started.

There is pre-training, made up of part one and a part two…

Then you’ll move on the week 1 – Which is made up of 4 parts and a ton of short simple videos.


So, you may not understand some of the above listed, and I listed it this way. It is just to show you all the bits Chris will be sharing and teaching within the 4 Week Crypto Mastermind. And that is OK, because this is why we should be buying and taking new training, to learn new skills sets.

The above are just the heading within week 1, there is a whole bunch of videos below each part above…

Chris has a wonderful talent of learning things and then braking them down in easy to follow and simple steps.

Week 2 – Which is made up with 8 Parts and a whole bunch more short videos.
PART 1: RECAP (do NOT skip!)
PART 2: Where we are so far
PART 3: BNB Gas Fees
PART 4: Understanding Liquidity
PART 5: Introduction to EMP.Money
PART 6: Now it’s time to STAKE!
PART 7: Watch me stake in REAL TIME
PART 8: Wrapping up week 2

Now, again you don’t need to know or worry above all the above terms, this is what Chris is teaching you within the 4 week crypto mastermind course…

I am just listing them to show you from the inside.

Week 3 – Which is made up with another 8 Parts and a whole bunch more short videos.
PART 1: The 3 Golden Rules
PART 2: Recap & (yet another!) Quiz
PART 3: The EMP Passive Income Strategies – overview
PART 4: EMP & Eshare
PART 5: The Simple Strategy
PART 6: The (Slightly) More Advanced EMP Passive Income Strategy
PART 7: What do you do now?
PART 8: Wrapping up week 3

So many part within this 4 week crypto mastermind course… And only on week 3…

Now we are getting into the real meat and potatoes as they say! Who ever they are!

How are you doing so far – Let me show you week 4…
PART 1: Further Glossary of terms
PART 2: Scam Warning
PART 3: Pancake Swap
PART 4: The Entire Passive Income Strategy A-Z
PART 5: Bonus Week 5!!
PART 6: wrapping Up Week 4

Once you are in and get to this stage of the 4 week crypto mastermind, you should be well on your way to life changing knowledge and armed with the power to understanding this whole crypto thing in a lot more details.

Wait a minute, there’s more to come…

BONUS WEEK 5! Of the 4 week crypto mastermind.
PART 2: Recap and Looking Ahead
PART 3: Removing Liquidity from the Farm
PART 4: What do we do with our EMP that we have earned?
PART 5: EMP Strategy 1 of 3: HODL
PART 6: EMP Strategy – 2 of 3: Manually create new EMP-ETH LP with fresh fiat
PART 7: EMP Strategy – 3 of 3: Manually create new EMP-ETH LP with ESHARE
PART 8: Another Bonus — week 6!!!
PART 9: Wrapping Up!

Again, I know I keep saying it, but all the terms above, if you don’t understand them, don’t worry.. This is why you are here reading, because you’re looking to learn a new skill in crypto.

Or may be you’d like to just learn how you could be making passive income with crypto…

But wait again we still have more on the inside, a whole load more yet…

PART 2: AJ Brockman – the founder of EMP – joins us
PART 3: How to realistically make $1000/month (NFA)
PART 4: The ‘safe’ process to earning passive income
PART 5: Taking profits
PART 6: Further Passive Income Streams at EMP.Money
PART 7: Wrapping up EMP.Money
PART 8: Four Week Crypto Mastermind Affiliate program
PART 10: WRAPPING UP: And now, the time has come…

There you pretty much have everything to what’s inside the 4 week crypto mastermind course.

Chris has also added, what he is calling the Crypto Surgery – This is ongoing training and live calls within the mastermind group.

This is for updates and new part that you and I will need to keep learning along the way…

I am sure you can see the amount of value Chris has shared within the mastermind. Now is the time to learn about crypto as soon it going to be part of every ones daily living.

Chris is the only one I would personally trust with a course like this… I can honestly say you are in good hands with Mr Chris Farrell…

Here so far and from when I started, I’d like to share my own little bit of earnings so far..

It’s not a lot, but it working for me and I am learning it all just like you if you decide to join..

My Own EMP Investment and Profits


Original Stake and value was £90.00 in $$$ = $109.21
Eshare staked 0.0905 = $44.27 in £££ = £36.48 – Values Now!
EMP Earned 154.5451 = $68.00 in £££ = £56.04 – Values Now!

Farm – EMP/ETH

Original Stake £55.00 in $$$ = $66.74 – Values Now!
ETH/EMP staked 0.9283 = $56.63 in £££ = £46.67 – Values Now!
Esahre Earned 0.0110 = $5.37 in £££ = £4.43 – Values Now!

Total Investment – £145.00 in $$$ = $175.94 – Values Now!

Total Profits – $73.37 in £££ = £60.47 – Values Now!

So, I am around £60.47 in profits after just a couple months in, I know it not huge amounts or thousand of pounds, but I am in it for the long term growth…

I also shared the above numbers in the Facebook mastermind groups, and I’ve screen shot some of the comments from other members…

4 Week Crypto Mastermind

As you can see, some wonderful comments and members all showing the best support for each other, it is really a wonderful group of like-mind people…

Oh before I forget, Chris hosted a live call each week and shared when the content went live, you’ll also have access to the replays on these inside…

Hope you enjoyed my 4 week crypto mastermind review…

If you’ve ever want to learn how to safely earn a passive income from crypto, then I highly recommend taking a look at Chris Farrell’s 4 week crypto mastermind.

Lots of support within and Chris him self is very active with helping members, along with many other members to. It truly is a wonderful group to be involved with.

Joining the 4 week crypto mastermind Course?

Now, this is not some short crappy little course, some dodgy marketer throw out on other network.

It is not some rehashed stuff from the past. That don’t work any more, Chris Farrell wouldn’t put his name on it….

This is by far the best training on crypto I have seen in a long time… It’s all new and Chris will tell you that himself, as he has been learning all about it too over the last couple years.

The program is well worth getting involved with, and Chris is just a great helpful person…

Your investment today into the 4 week crypto mastermind is something you’ll need to build and grow for your future.

Join us today and start making daily passive income for you and your loved ones.

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I would just like to say thank you for taking the time today and visiting this page and review of the 4 week crypto mastermind… Feel free to bookmark this page you may need to come back again…


Simon Newcombe…

P.S Here is the link again – Join The 4 Week Crypto Mastermind Today!