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LCB Graphics.com

Who We Are

Lcb Graphics.com is a brand new company, Who Provide Graphics Packs for the Low Content book Publishing market along with Print-On-Demand Businesses.

I am Simon Newcombe CEO, and Graphics Designer of LCBGraphics.com

Over the coming months we will provide graphics packs for you to purchase and use in your low content book publishing business and print-on-demand businesses too.

Simon Newcombe

The Right Person For The Job

Listen, I am not the best artist in the world.

However, I have always loved to draw and paint from a very young age. I have studied and been learning how to create line-art from my own drawings. And how to turn them into PNG and SVG Graphics files.

I have been learning all of this for around the last 4/5 months.

I am doing this for the soul purpose of providing you with these wonderful and fun Graphics Packs. (And of cause to make a couple of $$ :-)…

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