Alien Heads NFT Packs

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Each Uncharted NFT Pack is a gateway to uncharted territories of creativity and uniqueness. Within the confines of every pack lies a collection of 16 exceptional NFTs, never before minted on the blockchain. Prepare to be captivated by the brilliance and ingenuity of these one-of-a-kind digital artworks, waiting to be unleashed into the digital realm.

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We believe in empowering our community with the ability to shape their own digital destiny. As an Uncharted NFT Pack holder, you become the master of your own artistic fate. The power lies in your hands, as you personally mint each NFT from your pack onto the blockchain, forever marking it as a testament to your ownership and individuality.

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Introducing The Alien NFT Packs

  1. Alien Heads is a collection of 16 exceptional NFTs, never before minted on the blockchain.
  2. You can mint them on the network of your choice after purchase.
  3. Also after purchase each pack will be marked as SOLD, It will be yours alone and never sold again…

Alien Heads NFT Pack 1

Alien Heads Pack 1

Alien Heads NFT Pack 2

Why Buy A Alien Heads NFT Packs

Why should you buy an Alien Heads NFT pack, well they are unique to you after purchase and will be marked as SOLD.

Pricing for these NFT’s works out to be around $100 each, you get to set your price when you mint and list them for sale, list them for $150.00, $200,00 $500,00 plus…

They are one-of-a-kind NFT’s, and you get to become the first owner right now today..  Don’t wait and miss out, they are first come first sold…Someone else will take these as a bargin and make a mint… Let that be you TODAY!


Simply hit that buy button below to pick your pack!


Alien Heads Pack 1

1600 $ 800
  • 16 Unique Alien Heads NFT's
  • One Time Purchase
  • Half Price Sale


Alien Heads Pack 2

1600 $ 800
  • 16 Unique Alien Heads NFT's
  • One Time Purchase
  • Half Price Sale

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