ATTENTION PUBLISHER: Done-For-You Kitten’s In Jacket Coloured Edition!

30 High-Quality AI Generated Kitten’s In Jackets Coloured Edition!

Grow Your Publishing Royalties Faster With This Done-For-You Coloured Edition

Dear Friends,

Welcome to a World of Creativity and Royalties!
Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey where creativity knows no bounds, and royalties flow in abundance?

If you’re a passionate publisher with a dream of captivating young minds through enchanting colouring books and covers, you’re about to discover the secret to your success.

Introducing the “Kitten’s in Jackets” Coloured Edition, the ultimate publishing solution that takes your book business to new heights.

With its captivating colours, versatility, and the undeniable charm of adorable kittens, this edition promises to be your ticket to creating extraordinary books that children and parents alike will adore.

Join us as we unveil the magic of “Kitten’s in Jackets” in full colour, and let us show you how this edition will not only enhance your creativity but also maximize your royalties.

Buckle up; it’s time to transform your publishing dreams into a colourful reality!

Elevate Your Publishing Business with "Kitten's in Jackets" Coloured Edition!

Take A Sneck Peck What's Inside The Coloured Edition Today!

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities, where imagination meets vivid colour! If you thought the “Kitten’s in Jackets” Colouring Pack was enchanting, brace yourself for the ultimate publishing solution – the “Kitten’s in Jackets” Coloured Edition!

The Magic of “Kitten’s in Jackets” in Full Colour!

Imagine taking your publishing business to the next level by offering beautifully illustrated, full-colour colouring book covers. With our “Kitten’s in Jackets” Coloured Edition, you can turn that dream into reality. Here’s why you need this edition to create even more royalties for your book publishing business:

Captivating Colours: Children are naturally drawn to vibrant and colourful illustrations. Our “Kitten’s in Jackets” Coloured Edition is designed to capture their hearts instantly with its eye-catching palette.

Time-Saver: No more hours spent colouring book cover pages manually! Our Coloured Edition is a game-changer, allowing you to publish books faster and more efficiently.

Versatile and Unique: Just like the original pack, the Coloured Edition offers versatility. These lively illustrations are perfect for a wide range of colouring book themes, ensuring your creativity knows no bounds.

Quality Assured: We understand the importance of high-quality content. With the “Kitten’s in Jackets” Coloured Edition, you can be confident that the covers you create are of the utmost quality and ready to impress kids and parents alike.

Ready To Go: Leveraging the “Kitten’s in Jackets” full Coloured Edition not only enhances your books but also boosts your online visibility, driving more traffic to your publishing endeavours.

The Path to Enhanced Royalties

With the “Kitten’s in Jackets” Coloured Edition, the path to royalties becomes an exciting and colourful journey. This edition offers all the benefits of the original pack, but with an added touch of visual magic that’s sure to set your books apart.

Instant Appeal: The vibrant colours make your books irresistible to kids and parents, making them a top choice in the world of children’s literature.

Brand Recognition: Consistency is key in building a successful publishing brand. With the Coloured Edition, you’re well on your way to creating a brand that’s recognized and loved by readers.

The Ultimate Parent and Kid Pleaser: Parents love quality content, and kids adore brilliant colours. The “Kitten’s in Jackets” Coloured Edition delivers on both fronts, ensuring your books are a hit with both audiences.

Watch the Royalties Soar: The enhanced visual appeal and exceptional content make your books a must-have. As the demand grows, so do your royalties, creating a lucrative stream of income for your publishing business.

Ready to take your publishing business to new heights with the “Kitten’s in Jackets” Coloured Edition?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create extraordinary colouring book covers that capture hearts and generate more royalties.

Get your “Kitten’s in Jackets” Coloured Edition today and transform your publishing business into a colourful success story!

What The Coloured Edition Going To Cost You!

The colouring of these graphics is where the time is spent in creating them, It take around an hour to colour each of them inside of photoshop.

My time working online is an average of £15 an hour, so 30 graphics comes in at around 30 hours of my time and comes with a price tag of around £150…

But how can I charge you that much, truth is, I can’t, is way to high and I’ll be out of business fast…

As most of you are seeing this page for the first time, I’d like to offer you the best deal when it’s launch week…

You read this far, So Now it’s time to take action…

Grab your copy today for a mere $27.00

Now That’s a bargain right there…

30 High-Quality, High in demand coloured graphics at a mere $0.90 each, I think I am doing myself over here…

Better Hit The Buy Button Before I Change My Mind

Before You Do, Bonus Kittens!

All the best,

Simon Newcombe…

P.S Don’t miss out on this amazing deal today, you’ll be kicking yourself when you come back to a higher price…

Simon Newcombe

P.S.S Listen, This will only be available at this crazy low price for the launch week…

Without trying to scare you into buying today, I can not keep it at this low low price for long…

Once the launch is over the price will rise to $37.00

Let’s Recap Everything You’ll Be Getting!

30 Coloured Art Drawings
Full Commercial Right Use
PNG, and Transparent PNG File Format
Graphics Sizes 8” x 8”
All are in 300 DPI
Full Customer Support
5 Bonus Kittens

You’re stealing money from my pocket at $27.00 price point… How will I survive, I must be nuts…

However the price will rise after launch week, price will rise to $37.00

This is not a scary tactic, this is the real and when you buy today you’re getting the best deal.

If you come back later you may end up paying more…

Frequently Asked Questions

What rights do I have with these files?

[YES] You can use these for your own personal use
[YES] You have commercial rights which allows you to use them on end user products like colouring books or print on demand.
[YES] You can edit these in any way such as adding more detail or patterns but the personal use and commercial rights above still apply.

Great stuff. So, What can I not do?

[NO] You CANNOT sell on any of the files in any way.
[NO] You CANNOT sell the designs as PLR in anyway

What does this all cost?

The Full 30 Kitten’s In Jackets Pack will cost $27 and will increase to $37 after launch.

In what format will I receive the files?

Designs will be available in PNG, Transparent PNG format.

What programs will I need to use the files?

While the PNG files can be used in multiple programs such as Power-Point, and Canva.

How can these designs be used?

This Kitten’s In Jackets Pack Coloured Edition was designed and created for you to use on the KDP program, mainly for the creation of colouring book covers. However you can also use them with any print-on-demand programs.

Can I get a refund once the transaction is complete?

There are absolutely no refunds.

What if I have issues with access?

So simple, just send a quick email to, and I will get you sorted as soon as I get to your email message.