30 Hand-Drawn Elefun Elephant Colouring Book Graphics Pack!

Dominate The Colouring Book Niches With A Done For You Graphics Pack

Dear Publisher Friends,

The colouring books niche for LCB/KDP is huge and it’s still growing…

Everyday there are new books published within the colouring book market.

These are done for kids and adult books alike. You want to be the one dominating the market with your own books, then you need to keep reading this entire page to the very end…

Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the books on Amazon and the BSR numbers…

As you can see, the numbers go up and down within this niche.

Here’s the thing, when I was researching, I found not many Elephant coloring books for kids, Sure there were a few, but most books here were for adults. Elephant mandalas and those sort of books and lots of them too…

As you can see in the Amazon data above, elephant books have a huge demand and there is simply not enough of a supply of elephant books for kids. The huge problem right there!

When there is a huge demand for something and not enough of it, you should be the one supplying it. Supply and demand is a thing and if you’re the one supplying these Elephant books for kids, it means one thing to you –

More sales for your books and more royalties in your account…

So this is where you’ll get to dominate the market, by creating Elephant books for kids… Kids sure do love Elephants, especially funny ones…

Do Something You Love, someday it may help Others!

Listen, I am not the best artist or the best at drawing either, some things I can draw, yet other things I have trouble with, but however, I have always loved to draw, from when I was a kid to now an Adult…

So, it got me thinking the other week when I was making some books of my own, wouldn’t it be great to draw and maybe sell what I draw… So, I started drawing my own graphics for my own books. This way I have complete control over the art in my books. 

Then it got me thinking again, what about others who would like to draw, but can’t draw, they still need graphics for their books too… So, I started to do something I loved to do, Draw. Now as you’re seeing this page, I am trying to make a couple of quid in doing it…


Elefun Elephant Graphics Pack

I have drawn and designed a full set of graphics for you, they have never been used in any books or ever been online before today…

At the same time as me drawing them for you, over the last couple months I have learned how to do line art and turn them into usable colouring book graphics.

As well as learning more with photoshop, it’s still a mind field to me, but I am learning it and getting there slowly…

Let's Take A Peek Inside The Graphics Pack...

You’ll be able to get these today in black and white line art PNG, you’ll also have access to the transparent with white infill PNG files along with the SVG files to.

With the different file formats supplied, you’ll have no problems creating your book interiors and book covers.

BONUS - 20 Cute And Cool Dragons Pack

This bonus will only be available when you purchase in launch week, then it will be gone for good…

Here you’ll get access to the line art PNG and the transparent PNG files.

This is another market for your colouring books you’ll get to create more books in…

What's In The Box!

  • 30 Brand New Designs
  • Black And White Line Drawings
  • Unique Elephant Pack
  • High Quality
  • PNG, Transparent PNG, SVG files
  • Bonus 20 Dragons Pack PNG Files Only

What’s it all going to cost you today…

As this is on a special launch, sure for the time spent drawing, designing and then creating all of the file formats, this takes hours and hours to do and finish… I could easy charge way more just for the time drawing and creating them.

I got a quote from another artist to draw them and create all the line art and different files for me.

WOW, his quote just blew my mind, let’s just say well over a $1,000 bucks, and I was looking at a 3 month turn around for them… Will leave that at that……….

So, with that in mind and just to let you know, you won’t be paying anywhere close to the above Figures.

I wouldn’t of paid it, so why should you have to, even if I said you could pay $10 bucks for each graphic in the pack, or even just a $5, total cost you’d be spending $150 to $300 bucks for the entire pack…

Some of you probably haven’t even made that with your books yet, so you won’t be paying that Price.

I would like to give you a helping hand with this brand new 30 Elephants Graphics pack and set to launch at an offer price at just a mere $17.00 bucks

Plus, you’ll be getting access to the BONUS 20 Cute and Cool Dragon Pack, that’s another $100 to $200 bucks, if they were priced at $5 to $10 bucks per graphic….

Now, with a launch special for a mere $17.00 bucks for the entire 50 Graphics, It’s a steal for you today….

You’re stealing money from my pocket at this $17.00 bucks price point… How will I survive, I must be nuts…

However the price will rise after launch week and the bonuses will be gone for good. Price will rise to $27.00 bucks…

This is not a scar tactic, this is the real deal, best buy today to get the best deal, or you’ll be losing out and when you come back you’ll be paying more for the pack…

Full Transparency On The Product Funnel

I would like to let you know what's coming up next if you wish to purchase the Elefun Elephants Graphics Pack today!

OTO 1 - 71 Elefun Elephants Graphics Accessories Pack

Special Launch Price - $27.00

OTO 2 - 30 Elefun Elephants Colour By Numbers Pages Pack

Special Launch Price - $37.00

OTO 3 - 101 Elefun Elephants + Accessories Graphics Packs Colourized

Special Launch Price - $47.00

All the best,

Simon Newcombe…

P.S Don’t miss out on this amazing deal today, you’ll be kicking yourself when you come back to a higher price…


Simon Newcombe

Frequently Asked Questions

What rights do I have with these files?
[YES] You can use these for your own personal use
[YES] You have commercial rights that allow you to use them on end-user products like coloring books or print on demand.
[YES] You can edit these in any way such as adding more detail or patterns but the personal use and commercial rights above still apply.

Great stuff. So, What can I not do?
[NO] You CANNOT sell on any of the files in any way.
[NO] You CANNOT sell the designs as PLR in anyway

What does this all cost?
The Full 30 Elephant Graphic Pack and The 20 Cool And Cute Dragons pack will cost $17 and will increase to $27 after launch.

In what format will I receive the files?
Designs will be available in PNG, Transparent PNG, and SVG format. Dragon pack Comes in PNG and Transparent PNG files only.

What programs will I need to use the files?
While the PNG files can be used in multiple programs such as Power-Point, and Canva, The SVG files can only be used in vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Ink-scape as well as PowerPoint.

How can these designs be used?
This Elephants and Dragons pack was designed and created for you to use on the KDP program, mainly for the creation of coloring books. However, you can also use them with any print-on-demand programs.

Can I get a refund once the transaction is complete?
There are absolutely no refunds.

What if I have issues with access?
So simple, just send a quick email to and I will get you sorted as soon as I get to your email message.